Wednesday, June 7, 2017

cozy as can be {interior design}

Having the feeling of peace and quiet mixed in with relaxation and simplicity is sometimes hard to achieve in todays crazy world we live in...  So when we do have that moment we savor it and try our hardest to not let it go. I've discovered for me to achieve that feeling in this industry is when I, {one} choose the selection, {two} my client approves the selection and {three} when everything is installed and the client is beaming with pure joy! Now that's why I do what I do... So I can achieve that feeling for each and every client {and for me too}!  


I was given the task to change a bonus room, turned storage room {not intentionally} into a relaxing tv/reading room. My client had remodeled her home and was h o t on the clean-out/de-cluttering train when we started designing this extra room off their master bedroom. I could see the end result and was beyond excited to complete this room. It sure had potently!

I love how my client wanted to start pretty much with nothing... She was so over the clutter that giving the green light on this room was easy for her to do! She did keep one of her wingback chairs and an old gorgouse pine chest. By just slip covering her wingback it looked like she had a brand new chair for half the cost! The pine chest was perfect for the room... Not to big and it added extra storage. A win win in my books! 

I asked her to close her eyes when it came to the final accessories and she gladly did so... That's when the real magic happens for me. Everything arrived and I installed in one day. This room install went so smoothly because I could see myself living here!  


I added in my signature wild card... Do you all think you know what it could be? Would love for you to comment... 

So when your gearing up for a room re-do... Truly de-culture and start f r e s h! Get rid of things you don't want or need anymore. This process can be hard, so if you feel that you will struggle have a friend or a spouse help you. But you do need some one that's tough and able to get you to release extra clutter. Then the process starts to flow easily... Good luck!    

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