Tuesday, November 15, 2016

finding the look...

You know when you find a look you love and you become completely obsessed over it for days... Well, I'm sure doing that right now! I can't get any of these images out of my head.  This dining room is extremely simple and neutral. It has added in textures, but kept it very calm and simple! The perfect classic base! I can imagine adding in pops of color through pottery, flowers... And table scape. I believe the best way to achieve this look is to start small and eliminate the furniture you don't need in the room... Then move to the big items like your table. Analyze it... Is it simple? Can I bring other textures in comfortably? If not, say good by graceful and get a new one that will achieve all of that. The transformation will be huge!  Finding a style that has a long lasting elegance is very hard to do... But you sure can!I think the one above is a winner! 


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