Wednesday, October 12, 2016

pure joy

Do you ever feel that your little ones look at this type of organization and just laugh at you... And silently say to themselves, haha Sucker,  this closet is going down! I do envy homes with organization like this. I try and try...  And succeed most of the time, but then a week goes by and voila all the towels are mashed up and balled together. I stay calming, and clean the closets out again. Then pray hard that it stays this way for one more week. I swear keeping an organized home is a pure gift... I would have the best organized home E V E R if I just sold my kids {wink}! Hmmm that's not a bad idea.. I can threaten them and let then know they're goners if they mess it up again.  Once again they would just laugh at me and walk away! Hey, a mother can sure dream... Yes this picture is pure joy to me! 

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