Wednesday, July 27, 2016

{scully style}

I asked people what I should blog about because I've gotten bored and have run out of  ideas... Everyone said fashion/style posts. Ha Ha Not going to lie I started to chuckle a little because me talking about style is like me talking like I'm a true marathon runner.  It's all good... I love fashion/style and I love a good run! So I decided to put a few pieces of clothing and accessories together to show you what I think is fun at the moment for summer. I'm pretty simple and easy on what I wear...

First off my newest obsessions has been  Panama hats. I got my 2 Panama hats from the gap and J-crew {mens department}. I know you can get Panama hats really anywhere. I just saw a few at Nordstrom's Rack... They were wonderful! I have such a huge head so I can't just buy any one. It's a process for me...  So if you have a big head as well,  go check out J-Crew's mens Panama hats {here}.  

Now lets talk New Balance runners... L O V E! About 3 years ago I got a cool grey pair that I wear all the time and still look great. yes the really look great {I don't run in them}! Then I stumbled upon a pink pair from Macy's. Pink really!?!? Not going to lie... They're fun and a little wild. Just what I need in my life {wink}. Now Taylor just got the navy blue New Balance pair from Sports Authority for no joke 30% off. Run because they're closing their stores all over and now everything is 80% off... Lucky! I was a little jealous over Taylor's new pair... But knew If I got another one I would really be "that" crazy lady! 

Last but not least... I had a conversation with a dear friend about e-bay. She let me know about all the amazing deals that you can get on it. She always dresses so cute and has extremely nice things... When she told me she buys pretty much everything on e-bay {all the time}... I fell over! WHAT!?!? Well, of course I needed to check it out for myself. I'm a very impatient person when it comes to getting things I want... But realized I have always wanted the Cartier watch. When I saw the difference between a new {omg} and  then a slightly used one I about fell over... I've waited years for one... So I can wait a little longer and get the one of my dreams for a pinch of the cost! I'm so thrilled!

Hope your style world is complete now... lol Enjoy!     


  1. I want the linen blouse! Where is that from? :) Hope all is well with you. Love your style. Janeen Hazel

    1. Hi Janeen,

      No I don't ... I'm still on the hunt to find it! When I do I'll call you!!!!!! xoxo


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