Saturday, November 8, 2014

dare to be different {interior design}

I'm going up to my old stomping ground next week for some sourcing for a new client. I can't stop thinking of all the different homes I'm going to pass by and fabulous showrooms I'm going to go too! Getting out of town and going somewhere new and different always helps my mind pull together a new project! My creative juices start flowing even more... I love the wow factor of a change! I was born and raised in a beautiful little part of Los Angeles called Toluca Lake. You have a variety of homes big and small... But nothing looks the same. The style of each home is so mesmerizing. You can't stop looking!  I'll say it like my father said it... No cookie cutter homes! So I do like taking on projects that help my clients completely transform their cookie cutter boxes... Interior and exterior to a one of a kind home. Hey, I dare you to be different... You might like it! 


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