Tuesday, August 5, 2014

tuesday {tell all}

I have an idea.... {smile}! What if every Tuesday I do a post on what's the latest and greatest... Restaurant, spa treatment, book, exercise, kids toy, style, hotel, dogs... You name it... Lets talk about it! If you have something to tell or to ask... Show or for us to try out please e-mail it to me {alexandra@rusticrooster.com} or mail it to the rooster... {930 s. coast highway 101 - encinitas, ca 92024}. I would love to see what your product or party is all about! 

Ok, so lets start with a question that I have for all of you...

My kids and I want to buy a dog. Unfortunately, I have allergies to  cats and certain dogs... So the only dog that we want and I can have is the poodle. We're looking for a toy size. Question... Does anyone know of a good poodle breeder in San Diego County? 

woof woof

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