Friday, August 22, 2014

big big news

{Aug. 2014 - 3rd & 1st grade - Paul Ecke Central}

Well, Sean and I did something that we've been thinking about for a few years now... Put our little ones into our local public school! This huge decision has been weighing on me for new joke this entire summer! It was so hard for me to make the final decision. Not gonna lie I was the reason why we didn't send the kids to our local public school since the beginning!  Hey, I'm going to own up to that!  See, I was raised in the private school district as a child in Los Angeles... So I figured that's what my children were going to do. In private school... I love the uniforms {no joke EVERY school public/private should have uniforms}, the secure environment {all gates are locked down... hard core security}... No joke white gloved service at pick up and drop off {very safe and organized} and the family environment is so comforting to me.... Plus, they say the lords prayer and the pledge of allegiance! Hello, I believe {cherish} in morals and values and traditions for my kids. I wish all public schools were like that! Ok I won't preach because I don't like it when people do that to me... {wink}. I can't tell you if we made the right move, but I do know that my kids are so happy right now! Monday was their first day at Paul Ecke Central. They told me all the kids are so nice and super friendly. That was music to my ears. I was worried that they wouldn't fit in or make new friends. I know it's still the beginning and time will tell... But just seeing their happy faces makes us so happy and content! I absolutely loved walking on PEC campus this week and running into so many people that I know... It's great to see their jaws dropped and eyes bug out seeing me there {HUGE smile}! HI! 

The funny thing is... I was running last Saturday with my bike partner little man Ryan and made the final decision. It came clear to me that their is more to life than iPods, iPads, cell phones or the latest and greatest purchase or who has what. I want my kids to see the real world through real kids... I want them not to judge or be superficial in life. Not saying that's all private schools... So please don't take that sentence that way at all! This is our feelings for our children... To each his own in life! I do want to show them that trips around the world and volunteering at their local shelter is the real deal. My parents did that with my brother and I. Thank you mom and dad! We will try our hardest to teach our kids kindness and to love all... Poor or rich! Life is truly so short. I had a huge conversation with my dad the night before school started... I asked for him to protect and watch over my babies! Let them find happiness and have so much fun!  He did! Thank you so much dad... I do believe in heaven! I do believe in you... STILL

As I said before Sean and I made this decision for our children... We are happy. We do understand that the kids will have bad days, I will get upset with kids and even parents and teachers... But that's life at every school! Nothing is never perfect, but we do know we will be right there for our little ones every step of the way... The good, bad and then ugly {hahah}! I am scared what the future will hold... But guess what you guys I am real! I will admit my faults and cry or squeal with excitement when I'm right! So onward and upward... It's time to smile and laugh more! OMG I still can't believe that that my kids are in a different school... {smile}! Talk about big big news! 


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  1. Just to let you know. My husband and I made the same decision. Both of our son's attended our local Catholic School starting in Kindergarten . When our 8th grade son decided he wanted to attend our local High School, starting in the 9th grade (that is a 10 minute drive away) instead of driving to a Catholic Boys School at least 45 minutes away. We had reservations but decided he should have say in the matter and we agreed. However, when our younger son decided to "Go Public" (in the 6th grade) his words, we were very nervous but also agreed for a variety of reasons. Both boys did very well in their new Schools, and they couldn't have been happier.They met so many more kids (from different backgrounds, diversity, income levels, etc.), had many more opportunities for activities, socially, academically and most importantly a larger World View. They are now in their 20s both went on to College/ University and are working in their respected careers. I believe children will thrive in whatever School they attend be in Private or Public, with dedicated and caring Teachers and parents involved with their kid's success.
    Raise a Glass and cheer to a Great School Year! Also, good wine helps with getting parents through Homework and Project sessions. Oh right, your children are quite young...that will come later, Ha..

    Seriously though, best of luck to you and your children
    Renee...Northern California


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