Thursday, March 27, 2014

dream office

I'm dreaming big time... Or should I say, putting the positive vibe out there that want and need this! I so could see myself working out of this space!  Adorable! What type of office space would you like... If you could have any space you wanted? ANY! 


1 comment:

  1. Alexandra,
    When I began my work at home, I always was within an earshot of my children so I could "multi-task" and then a few years ago, we created a great addition and I have a studio in my home. As much as a little cabin or free standing building looks charming, I love my commute and that if I want to work in PJ's or yoga clothes, I can. The next phase after my daughter graduates will be to down-size and perhaps move to a community that has a resort vibe so the kids will want to come and relax. I will always do my artwork wherever I am!
    Dream BIG! Pray BIG!


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