Thursday, July 25, 2013

picnic prepping...


5. drinks 6. bbq

Are you prepared for a picnic? Beach or grass... You need to get your stuff together! Well, we're sure prepared here at the rooster... It's creative time! Have fun... Don't just sit on the ground and be boring. Get a cute basket or even a big colorful beach bag to tote all of your goodies in. People definitely take notice how you carry your food or games. Then it's a must to lay an adorable blanket down. No sheets allowed {no no no}! Now that you've solved all your pretty looking problems, it's time for the games and food. I've been obsessed with San Pellegrino's new fruit flavored sodas. Love! They're great for kids and to make mommy and daddy cocktails with {wink}. Don't forget your bug spray...   And your game of croquet. I think I've covered everything to be prepared for a picnic... Did I forget anything? Do tell... What do you like to bring?  

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