Sunday, February 17, 2013

spring's in the air...

So my kids have been begging and begging me for months to make them a lemonade stand... Me a builder?!?! YES, a designer... NO, not a builder! I leave all the construction to my husband and the boys at the rooster. I dream it and wish I could build it by hand... But somehow I always mess it up somewhere. This time I'm gonna make it happen {cross your fingers}. We spent a good chunk of our afternoon at Home Depot yesterday. I got the goods. So lets see if we can actually do this! The kids and I searched the Internet for the perfect lemonade stand to build. we studied colors, styles and the overall look... Well, I think we found it!  It's absolutely  adorable.
We found this lemonade stand off of this really cute blog {here}... Today my husband and I are gonna try and make this one for Taylor and Ryan! Stay tuned... I'll let you know when the kids have their very first... 

{lemonade + bake SALE}


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