Friday, February 1, 2013

a tray of a day... !

 I love using trays in every room of my house and  especially in my design clients homes. They're really  perfect for everything! 
Add a fresh container of your favorite flowers on a tray... 
Small or big trays are perfect in a bathroom... To hold all of your perfumes and favorite toiletries. Get creative and decorative with what you put in your tray! 
Trays can catch all of your books and paper goods in a living room and on an office desk! You look so organized and very educated {wink}! 
A tray can be really a catch all of memories as well... Sea glass beads, candles, coral from your most resent trip to Hawaii, pictures of family friends... ! You name it, it can go in a tray! 

Have a Tray of a day... 
Stop by and take a peek at all of our trays!

1 comment:

  1. I love trays all over my house! where can I get this HERMES one?? thanks!


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