Saturday, August 25, 2012

PP = picky people

I kind of have an issue with blue & white pottery... If I don't have it in my home I get sick. The fever comes 1st then I break out in hives. Is that an illness? I believe so... Plus, I'm super picky about my blue & whites. Like some are picky about their coffee...I'm picky about blue & whites. Some like Peets, Starbucks,  Dunkin Donuts, Folgers... The list is endless. There are a lot of choices, but only a few really stand out in my mind. {Starbucks}

Here are a few images of the style of blue & white pottery that I absolutely adore... Plus, I love the placement and use of the pottery. Perfection!  

Gathering them in three's in an entry & bring in different sizes. A must!

Two large ginger jars flanking an entry table. I love how the white walls pop the pottery. They make such a huge statement! 

Ahhhh Kitchen island blue and whites. Heaven!  Need I say more... Nope!

You always need to put blue & whites in a bookshelf. Stagger them throughout. They will stand tall & stand out! 

Bedroom buddies! Hello friends, Make your master bedroom strong & stable... Like your relationship in life.  

I'm ending with my favorite picture... Pink peonies in blue & white jars!
 A must in my home! 

I could go on and on about blue & white pottery, but I don't want to categorize myself [PP}. Enjoy & get creative with your pottery. 

The rooster chicks are always here to help! 

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  1. Love these! So awesome. I have only one in my house, I think I need more after seeing these photos.


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