Sunday, August 12, 2012

i need your help...

Once again... Something is deeply tugging at my heart. Of course it's about little kids! I was driving in my car the other morning. Just did camp and preschool drop off and then I heard it... A commercial about foster children. It was about kids in foster homes that don't have the proper clothes... Of course they don't have money to go out and get new school clothes. They have to wear whatever they have... Small, damaged or too big. Plus, these kids are at the age where they have growth spurts, they're developing their self esteem and learning about confidence. So imagine a little boy who's wearing high water pants because he's growing tall and he has to  walk the school halls in small/short pants... A little girl has tight shirts and shoes that don't fit. Kids are cruel! Of course other kids will make fun of them. *Parents tell your kids to back off... Remember bullying can stop  by parents talking and educating their children. Step in moms and dads!   My heart is aching... I know we all have fabulous clothes that our children have worn {maybe only once or maybe never}. Lets donate to these foster kids instead of selling our clothes. Sorry for the novel... But just imagine if that was your little one and they had nothing and were made fun of. Oh My Gosh... My heart aches!!!! 

Here's my only problem... 

I haven't heard that commercial again so I don't know where to donate... I don't know of a foster home here in San Diego. Please let me know of a name and contact. I have tons of bags I want to donate. Please help me!!!!! 

To get in touch with me you can:

CALL: 760.436.2171
RESPOND: To this blog post

* I'd be willing to take your kids clothes too and drop it off for you... The rustic rooster can be a drop of location. Let me work out all the details once I get in contact with some one at a foster home! *

Thank you all so much...
This really means the world to me!!!!

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