Friday, June 15, 2012

new home

Our chicks have a new home!
I can't even tell you how nervous and scared we were to hand our babies over to a complete stranger. Not gonna lie... We all were pretty sad to see them go. Are we weird or what?!?!? Well, the chicks now live in Cardiff on a nice piece of land. Not bad! {smile} Their new owners have graciously e-mailed over these pictures. They let us know that all 6  are doing very well...  and have blended in very nicely with the other chickens. Thank God!

Ahhh our little babies look so happy! I love how they're all sticking together too.
Thanks Alison!  


  1. Aww... They have green things to nibble and nice fluffy soil for dust baths. I love stories with happy endings.


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