Friday, June 9, 2017

walking tour

So yesterday I joined my sons 3rd grade class at Paul Ecke Central Elementary School to do a historic walking tour of downtown Encinitas. Taylor did it, but I couldn't make it. So this year I jumped at the chance to get out and learn about our little beach town! Talk about fun! Ryan and I packed my backpack with tons of food, water and sunscreen... And we were off! 

Of course my child kept taking my hat throughout the field trip... And didn't care if people were looking or trying to take it off of him. He's definitely that kid that stands tall and keeps on walking! Not a care in the world what others think! I eventually got it back... Thank God! 

On one of our stops we went to the first Encinitas School House... Built in 1883. So adorable! I've always driven by it and have wanted to go in, but due to scheduling conflicts or truth an absent mind I just have't gone in.  It moved a few times and even was changed into a studio rental {walls and kitchen added}, but thank goodness for the historical society for saving it before it was to be demolished! It was moved to the old Pacific View school property. OMG That's a different topic. Talk about an adorable and perfect little beachfront school... My kids would have been zoned to go there. After seeing and hearing about that school it breaks my heart its gone.  Ok back to the school house... Kids walked far to go to this school, ages ranging from 5 to 12 years old. I was told on the tour yesterday it was the only school between San diego and Oceanside. 

Then we goofed off and played to get the crazies out. Gotta love this age, look at their teeth. So awkward! I crack up because we've all gone through that stage! 


We stopped by the Derby House... Now that house is definitely a character. Truth I want to clean it up soooooooo bad. Its kind of like hoarders gone wild. Just saying {wink}! On this trip the kids couldn't go inside because the owner was leaving for vacation and a few people were still sleeping. I had the privilege to go in years ago with the owners wife and was no joke paralyzed for words. You felt like some one ages ago got a call and then took off leaving everything exactly the same way they left it. Hot coffee on the stove and all... Interesting. Mom and I kept staring at each other quietly saying, "Do you think she would ever sell some of this furniture to the rooster?" hahaha No crime in thinking that! Go {here} and {here} to read the history of the Derby house.

{La Paloma history}

We saw so much more of our little beach town, but unfortunately I was busy corralling  3rd graders so I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked to... I would read {here} about the history of Encinitas, jump in your car and start exploring!  

Hope you all enjoyed my mini tour of our town! 

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