Thursday, September 1, 2016


Today's one of those days that you just need to love... And open up your eyes to everything! Look at the color of a house, to the fluffiness of a sweater, to the greenery in someones garden! Stop and really taste your food... Smell the ocean air and believe that love is all around you! Just love it all and be thankful! I walked around my garden this morning and noticed all the little buds starting to bloom and the butterflies swarming. Of course sipping my coffee like it was my last cup of the year. HaHa Seriously, don't you love that first sip of your morning coffee. Not going to lie... I dream about it! OK that might be a little weird, but to be honest with you I.don'{wink}. So after the days over let me know what really struck you and made you stop in your tracks! 

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