Thursday, February 19, 2015

before and after {interior design}

This job was absolutely perfect! Another start from scratch... Definitely my favorite kind of project!!! Remember this {living room} I showed you the before and afters... Well, this is the same house. I adored working with this family in La Jolla.    

I started out by having the fireplace brick painted white... The room needed a clean and continuous feeling. The minute we did just that the room became very open and alive.   

My clients wanted this room to be extremely comfortable for family and friends to sit and enjoy TV while dinner is being made. I designed the room around a custom sofa/chaise. I wanted people to be able lounge and relax when no one was at home on the chaise, but if friends were coming over they still had more seating. It worked out perfectly!!!!      

I picked a fabric for the sofa that was a commercial grade because of all the wear and tear that it would be enduring {grandkids and friends... lol}. You literally could pick this piece up and put it into a hotel lobby... And still look fabulous after all the guests lounged, jumped, drooled and simply sat on it for long periods of time. Through many trials and errors with interior design I have learned  that longevity is the key for the amount of money my clients are spending.  It's so important to think ahead... Especially when we're customizing each and every piece in their home. You want everything to last... And look fabulous! 

Coastal colors mixed in with comfortable sand tones blended so well together which helped coordinate the rest of the house very nicely.  I mixed in a custom jute rug and an old pine wood coffee table for more texture and warmth. I love this combination...  


After all the major pieces were finalized I worked my magic and surprised my clients with the rest of the accessories. I had so much fun finishing off the room without them knowing what I was going to put in {sneaky}.

Of course I added my signature blue and white classic Asian pottery and a slipcovered white wingback. Hello, I couldn't resist! This wingback is the perfect chair for the quiet reader who needs some alone time. A definite must in any family room...

So all in all... I give this project an A+! What do you think? I would love your feed back....  


{To hire rustic rooster design team... Please contact us at, 760.436.2171}


  1. Alex - looks beautiful! Love all the accessories!

  2. LOVE your talent! thanks for sharing the B&A' cool to see the transformation

  3. I love it! The wingback and the ivy on the coffee table are my favorites!!!!!!

  4. Love it! It looks like a completely different room.


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