Wednesday, November 12, 2014


{10 things about me}

1.)I stopped drinking Diet Coke 1 and 1/2 years ago and haven't gone back. It actually grosses me out now... I was truly addicted, then went cold turkey because I heard about it causing seizures. No thanks! 

2.)When I get upset I go for a run or go to the gym! My father taught me to get my frustration out the correct way... By sweating it out. Never keep it bottled in. That's not healthy! 

3.)I can't draw worth my life... You would think as an Interior Designer I could... Think again... NOPE!   

4.)I'm allergic to cats and dogs. I hug people who have animals and start sneezing. I hate that! 

5.)I do not dye my hair... I'm a natural redhead! My daughter and brother are redheads .. My dad was too!   

6.) I used to work for Jeffrey Alan Marks in La Jolla... {Million Dollar Decorators}. I was in College at SDSU... Interned within his office and then got hired on. Jeffrey was the best boss ever! 

7.)I'm in love with organizing and eliminating... I guess that's the Virgo in me. Be careful...  You leave it out, it's gone! 

8.} Shhhhhh I love Coors Light and Bud Light. Don't judge! It's something about the bubbles. lol

9.) I gave birth to my 2nd child, Ryan,  in 13 minutes all natural. Bamn... That's what I'm talking about! 

10.)I love the East Coast! Everything about it makes me feel at home... One day I hope to move there! 


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  1. Oh... I love this! Very interesting. I'm a twin to a redhead. Jeffrey Alan Marks was interesting to watch on the show. I bought the show just so I could go back and stop to see the designers own homes. His was the best. That kitchen! K. From Canada.


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