Friday, August 15, 2014

looking back...


I've been looking back at some of my past projects today {trying to organize my portfolio}... This one home here in Encinitas really stands out to me for many  many reasons. One I just adored the clients and two this project was so much fun designing from top to bottom. The freedom that they gave me... Really helped our design process together run absolutely smooth and extremely fast. We laughed and definitely conquered on this job site! I hope to work on many more homes with this family! It does make a difference when  a client trusts you {wink}. I understand trust is huge... If you don't feel it from the beginning then yes, I do advise you run from the project with them. Hire an interior design that you want to be around. Believe me Interior Designers do that too... If it doesn't feel right you shouldn't work together. Back to this client... Thank you for letting me be me... And make your home absolutely stunning!

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