Wednesday, March 26, 2014

cooking party

After much discussion and back and forth changes on what Taylor wanted to do for her birthday... She "finally" decided to have a cooking party! I was thrilled... I thought to myself, no ones done this before and it will be so fun for the kids. I stumbled  upon this  cute little Bakery in Carmel Valley called, Towne Bakery. Adorable & Yummy all wrapped in one! Definitely my kind of place. 

OMG this was the most perfect party ever! No joke! Towne Bakery provided each girl with a white apron and a colorful bandana {too keep} to put their hair back. They decorated butterfly sugar cookies and cupcakes as per Taylor's request. It all went so smoothly and was very simple. The entire time all I heard were giggles and saw endless smiles! I left laughing and doing the happy dance. Best of all Taylor was on cloud nine! She absolutely loved it... They treated her like a princess and were very attentive to her every need. I would so recommend this bakery to anyone who lives in the San Diego area. A must for your next Birthday Party... Rooster Approved! 


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