Sunday, February 10, 2013

are you feeling it...

I'm feeling a bit dramatic this evening! Kind of typical of me when the weather changes! Sorry! The weather here in Southern California is so chilly! All I want to do is curl up by the fire and read my book {Happiness Project}. All these pictures represent winter warmth for me...  The old wood floors, dramatic and deep flowers in a vintage tin, stunning Cartier watch and yummy hot coco and a sugar donut. I'm done for the evening! I'll take it all... Wrap it up!  


  1. First, gorgeous photos. Second, yes I'm freezing too! True it's not east coast-type cold but cold for us here in So Cal.

    And third, we follow each other and have chatted on have I not known you had a blog?!

    Have a great night! xo

    1. Hi karen!!!
      Thank you! :) I just followed on IG!
      I love chatting with you on Twitter!
      xoxo, Alexandra


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