Saturday, June 2, 2012

a girl can dream

I have office spaces on my mind right now. I feel like our design office is getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Fabric bolts arrive... Sample books arrive... Boxes arrive... New inventory arrives... You name it we've got it in our office! It's kind of funny actually! You should see us during lunch. Oh I'm sorry, excuse me... Can you move that so I can sit there. Well, you've gotta do what you've gotta do! I'm so blessed with the space I have, but hey... 
A girl can dream! Right!?!?
I would love to have a barn like office... Detached with tons of space! Oh my look at that sliding door! I could see myself greeting clients with that one. 
 A well organized office sounds so appealing to me. Fresh flowers every day. Sharpened pencils 24/7 and soft music playing in the back ground. I love organization and simplicity very much. I know every design office is chaotic... But, wouldn't it be nice if it was clean and pretty all day long! 
Once again... A girl can dream!

What's your dream office like?

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