Monday, April 18, 2011

here's the 411

Ok... I got this iphone for Valentine's Day from my sweet sweet husband. Sean got me on the "list" from Verizon, had it shipped to me & wa la I had a nice little surprise in front of me Valentines Day! I know it's not your average gift... Roses, massage or even chocolate, but oh my I loved it! My husband thinks outside the box. Thanks Sean!

Then... Like always I pile everything on so thick {plans} that I had a mommy moment. It was Saturday afternoon. I had just finally calmed down from a crazy day... Taylor's 5th Birthday Party. I was enjoying my Starbucks iced coffee with my little princess in Cardiff. Then we got the call from the hubby... Where are you? You need to hurry home we have 5:15 dinner reservations with Uncle Dennis. Ok, ok, ok... Taylor & I rushed out to the car... As I opened Taylor's door tons of balloons started to fly out. Then it happened. I put my iphone on top of the car  to push the balloons back inside, buckle Taylor in & Bammmm I forgot it on top of the car! Arghhhh I'm sick now!!!!  This is what happened next...  
The part that kills me the most is... I took so many adorable photos on it from Taylor's birthday party that day & the fact that for me to get a new iphone is going to cost me 600+ dollars. Are you kidding me?!?! I'm sick to my stomach. I can understand 400... But, 600 +. I need another vacation in a padded room! 

We did have a fabulous little Birthday Party for Taylor... I love you sweet angel even though mommy will be going to a padded room soon! lol {sorry for the grainy photos... I hit the wrong setting when I handed the camera over to a friend... oh good times!}

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...
It was amazing!

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  1. I hate that you don't have a phone...I feel just as bad as you do... I keep feeling like ... "but how am I going to talk to her" ... Email? That's so old fashioned... I miss being able to TEXT you!!!


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