Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My husband & I are getting closer & closer to moving {thank goodness}! Every time I look at this exterior shot from Cottage Living I know in my heart that this is the look I want for my new home! The abundance of bushes, white roses, brick walkway, gravel driveway {i would like a shell driveway} white picket fence for privacy... So calming & classic! Need I say more, this is my ultilamte dream home {julies too}!  I wonder if this homeowner would mind if I just moved in. Nahhhh No biggie! Right?


  1. hope your party is a big success tonight! this CL home is one of my all time favorites, both outside and in. the kitchen in this home is amazing, please tell me you've seen it!! :)


  2. LOVE Cottage Living mag! Great garden shots too!

  3. this is the 3rd time I've seen this picture this week - talk about eye candy! i'd love to see this back issue on the inside - what month and year is it?


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