Wednesday, February 16, 2011

oh what a day

I know people say this all the time, but I just have to say it too... I really love my job!!!! I wouldn't trade my career for anything! Being an interior designer, besides a mother & a wife truly completes me. I have visions at night of a project I'm working on {or want}... When I wake up the next morning I call my client with my vision. Who does that!?! Shhh only crazy people do! lol

Right now I'm currently starting a huge install {day 1, sorting of goods}... My favorite part of the job. Seeing the results of your blood sweat & tears come together. I'm surprising my clients who are away on vacation with a beautifully completed home. I wish I was a fly on the wall... Would love to see their faces right when they walk in or hear what they have to say.

Kelly & John here's a sneak peek...
More little peeks to come!
{insert huge smile}


  1. So pretty and beachy! What kind of a finish do those floors have? The finish looks very au natural. How durable are they?

  2. Kelly an John are two VERY lucky people! I would love to walk in my home and see those images!

  3. that makes me pretty excited for my install - add that cable throw to my list!

  4. Soo amazing! Miss this, miss you so much more!
    christina :)

  5. Hi Summer Cottage... They're very au natural with no finish on top. Extremely durable, but they do need to have a seal on top. They pick up every water spot & scuff imaginable. Gorgeous floors!

    Tessa... Pottery Barn lamps! Very reasonable too... :)


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