Friday, February 11, 2011

new... new... new

Sorry for the lack of new... new... new posts. rustic rooster has made a goal for 2011... It's to  clean out the back work garage & start fresh.  We would like all of our older pieces {2010 & earlier} to be painted. What happens is we get so many new pieces of furniture & fast that some pieces just get pushed to the back & become hidden. They're fabulouse. but just over looked. Well, not anymore! We're pulling them out & painting them asap. Our buying has been on hold till they're all done. So far so good... Man does that feel good. Plus, it's nice to see the back wall of the garage. Here are a few furniture pieces & accessories that are done & in the rooster now... Enjoy! 
1.) Small vintage watering can - SOLD
2.) Funky {seriously funky fun} olive green benches
3.) Desk
{pick a color... any color}
4.) Cottage leg side table
{this one is a cutie pie... can we say babies room}
5.) Vintage lover... Round 2 tier turquoise blue side table -SOLD
6.) Vintage box with handle
7.) Rectangular farm table
8.) Shabby Chic white square coffee table
{wow... this table is so heavy you can have a dance party on it}

9.) Black decorative armoire
 {76 1/2" H x 50" W x 22" D}
$ 350.00
{good for clothes or a linen closet... not good for a tv}
:: inside ::
 10.) White low long french leg dresser or buffet
{6' L x 31" H x 19" D}
$ 450.00
 :: inside ::
11.) Sea foam cottage leg side table
{22" H x 22" W x 20" D}
$ 97.00
 12.) Flat arm Windsor
{we have 4 of them}
$ 67.00 each painted
13.) Windsor
 {we only have 1}
$ 70.00
14.) Seagrass rug - red boarder 
{5' x 8'}  
* We have 2 of these rugs $ 50.00 each *
{slightly used}

15.) Old tin bucket
16.) Black Vintage bar stool
{this one is perfect... solid & shabby}
17.) Tin can with lid
{mom & I couldn't figure out what it was called... Perfect on top of an armoire or in a bookcase}
18.) Little red stool
{i could see this stool at a kids work table}
19.)  Enamel tray
20.) Enamel bowl
 21.) Cabinet
{it's leaning back so it won't roll in the alley... lol}

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing please
 call the rustic rooster,


  1. I am loving that enamel tray! The blue trim is perfect!!

  2. So many lovely things! I can't wait till it warms a little and my painting gets back in swing!
    Have beautiful day!


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