Thursday, February 10, 2011

i found you

I just found the most adorable blog over at Pink Wallpaper last night. {yes, I was on a major blog hunt... I have a game. I look for the funniest or weirdest blog name, click on it with my eyes closed, then pray that it will be a good one. Don't} Well, This one is 100% a winner in my eyes!Ya my game worked {shhhh don't judge}. She has captured a look that doesn't leave me... I really like her style, feel & mood. I know I go on blogs or websites take a peek, read what they have to say... Chuckle for a minute, but move on. I stayed on this blog for a while last night. Then when I woke this morning & noticed that Simply Seleta found her too. Go check out, it's mary ruffle {here}! I think you will enjoy her pictures & posts. By the way go play my blog game... It's fun!

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