Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a girl can dream

One day when I grow up I want one of these lovelies in my kitchen! My husband just laughs at me... I'm sure because of the price. Glass door front restaurant refrigerators can start at $13,000... Back off Sean, I'm saving my money! This refrigerator is coming home with me! What do you think? Would you take the glass door fronts over the solid ones? I love to organize & stay very clean in my kitchen... So, I think I could pull this off! At least I would know right away if I needed to go to the market or not. Hiding things from my children would be hard though... But, it's all about me {lol}!


  1. I think they are gorgeous too....I bet they would look amazing in a home of a vegetarian - all that produce and fruit showing thru - I bet the rainbow of fresh colors would look lovely!
    Why do all of the things that we want have to cost an arm and a leg? I would like to see one of these at the goodwill :)

  2. LOVE!!!!!!! Love the glass front. Beware we have a old one (not glass) and it is loud loud loud!

  3. oh mi gosh
    oh mi gosh
    oh mi gosh

    have never seen this. LOVE.




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