Wednesday, February 9, 2011

better late than never...

I'm so honored that I've been nominated by Kelley over at The Polished Pebble for the Stylish Blogger Award.Thank you very much! To be honest with you I don't think I've ever been nominated for anything. Really? So you can imagine my excitement sitting at the computer when I read I was nominated. I wanted to run around the house & scream, but of course I couldn't because my two little ones were still asleep. I've been reading Kelley's blog since the beginning of my blogging days. Her style & humor are very dear to me... Thanks Kelley!

Well, here I go...

1.) Gave birth to my son in 13 minutes all natural... It was the most amazing experience of my life. No joke after he was out & in my arms... I was speechless. The entire time after he was born I kept saying, OH my gosh I did it. WOW! I did it all natural & in 13 minutes. Then I thought they were going to send me home because I didn't have any drugs in me. I asked the nurse, Is it time for me to go home now? They all just laughed & said, no you can relax now. I'm still impressed with myself!
{Ryan Steven Scully}

2.) My 5th cousin is Thomas Alva Eidson who invented the light bulb. Knowing that my family has some brains... Keeps me ticking! I'm still trying to find mine. Just kidding!

3.) My husband & I bought our first home at the height of the real estate market... Ah well... My determination to buy a home overcame me. I did get what I wanted... Debt! lol I guess we have to turn our property into a rental now. Anyone want to rent it?

4.) From the moment I graduated from College I've been a business owner. I can't imagine working for anyone else or doing anything else...  I love being an interior designer & a furniture store owner.
{established 2000}

5.) If I had to say I was addicted to anything it would be diet coke. I love diet Coke... The bubbles, the cool refreshing taste when it goes down... OK I was having a moment. I love you Diet Coke F.O.R.E.V.E.R! I know it's bad for me!

6) I set a goal to run a marathon & did it! It was pretty challenging, but I made it happen. Hello, if Oprah could do it so could I. That was my theory. I will never forget that day... Running a marathon has helped me set goals later in life. I'm very happy I did it!

7.) I love to laugh & get silly! I see humor in so many things. I think laughing & being silly help me stay young & playful with my children, family & definitely in my career... & yes half the time I'm probably not funny at all but, Ah well... At least I'm still smiling!

Well, that's me in a nutshell.. Sorry, this is so late!
Hope you all enjoyed it!


  1. I had my first diet coke in years and it tasted like burning. Those bubbles--ACK!!! But the funny thing is when I see diet coke (and coors light...or is it bud light?) I think of you.

  2. nice, Alex! I knew you and T.E. were related, but I had never noticed the striking resemblance! LOL!
    Have a great day. xoxoA


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