Sunday, January 9, 2011

the perfect morning

I woke up this morning craving pancake... Hot fluffy pancakes drenched in butter & covered in sweet juicy syrup. Ahhh perfection! About once a week I try to make them... Now that I think about it I usually make them on Sundays only. Probably because I have my husband to distract the kids so I can get all fancy dancy in the kitchen. My newest thing that I add to my batter is a drop of OJ & maple. It's to die for... Try it!
{picture unknown...sorry they're not my pancakes}


  1. me, too! i made pancakes this morning with sausage - yummy. o.j. and maple syrup, sounds like Ina. love that picture :)

  2. the otts are also card holding members of syrup sundays!

  3. Ha, you and Happenstance were on the same page this weekend! I went for french toast, pancakes sound yummy! xo


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