Monday, November 29, 2010

ok ok ok

I know... I'm the last person on earth to see the movie, It's Complicated. WOW... It was sure worth the wait! I loved everything about it... Plot, People & Decor.

I have a huge soft spot & love for Santa Barbara so much that I would move there in a heart beat! No joke! My Uncle Tom {here}, who by the way totally looks like Alec Baldwin,

is thinking about purchasing a summer home in Montecito... Please {do it for me}! I would take care of the grounds, make sure all the beds were made, stocked & organized the fridge... Hello, I would even live there if you wanted me too! {wink} So after watching, It's Complicated, I got on one of my many Santa Barbara kicks again! OH the style up there, the houses are adorable, the look is perfect... OH everything is better in Santa Barbara {lol}. Isn't Meryl Streep's house {garden} & bakery in the movie to die for! Yes, Yes, Yes!

Shh... I'm pretending that's me & Sean in "my" bakery. Hello, I can bake {dream}, but only for my family. Not for the entire town of Encinitas... {lol} I'm so happy I finally saw this movie. It, was definitely well worth the wait for... Me at least. If you haven't seen it... Go! You'll love it!

A+ Review for It's Complicated!


  1. I haven't seen it either! So you aren't the last one.

  2. ditto! makes me want to see it again! Oh, and that bakery. yes, please.

  3. Shelly... Go see it! You will L.O.V.E. it!!!! Please do tell when you do watch it. :)

    Tessa... I want Sean to buy it for me for Christmas. I could watch it all day long. I'm drooling over that bakery. Wonderful design work!


  4. this easily became on of my favorite movies!

  5. i am SOOOOO WITH YOU. this movie was the best not to mention the interiors. i could not believe meryl streep was redoing her kitchen in it! her kitchen was my dream kitchen!!

    and her bakery? dont even get me started.

    i am so agreed. i would move to SB in a heartbeat. my friend lives there and i envy her daily. maybe i can work for your uncle if he moves there?

  6. I know right! I have seen it a bunch of times too and I still love the whole thing....

    and yes...Santa Barbara is very cool indeed!

    xxoo kelley

  7. I LOVED this movie too - saw it twice! Nancy Meyers' movies are always an interior dream! Can you make my house look like that, Alex?


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