Monday, October 25, 2010

pj party with a smile

I did a post on this very touching organization, Pajama Program, a little while ago {here}... Every time I think of donating, something comes up in my schedule. Well, last night I realized how extremely selfish I've been... I can take 10 minutes out of my daily life to search through my children's PJ's & books & donate them to less fortunate children who don't have any {key word: ANY}. I can't even imagine my kids not having pajamas or reading a book before bed. My heart just aches thinking about that. I know that you all have tons of PJ's that you can donate to help little kids sleep better at night. Here's their web-site... Pajama Program!

October & November
rustic rooster will be collecting
PJ's & Children's books...
*Please donate *
I'll have a box ready for easy drop off!

I know we're all so busy... But just stop for 10 minutes... Purchase as many as you can afford at a store or rummage through your children's clothes & books at home. Just think of all the smiles you will be putting on little kids faces. I can't wait!
rustic rooster
930 South Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, California 92024
{760} 436.2171

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  1. I just dropped off a bag of them. Sorry for the delay!


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