Friday, October 22, 2010

coastal interior design

All work & no play for this little lady... But the end results are amazing. I'll start off by saying, working in the interior design business is a very hard & stressful job. The back & forth decisions, the changes in colors or sizes, the hemming & haying over what should go where {acting as a therapist to some clients}, can really take a toll on a person. I've been so luck to have wonderful clients. Especially this one... Tons of smiles & giggles on this job. OK I lied... Giggles all the way! I love to laugh... So working with this family has been a pleasure because they're hysterical. No joke... I have left crying because they're so funny! Yes, Dale I will get you your coupon book {at the end of the job}. So everything that has been ordered, installed & created has been absolutely perfect! Wonderful Karma here! Remember this & this post... So much has transformed in the mean time. I'm waiting for some key pieces of furniture to arrive... Custom farm table, tufted ottoman, classic rolled arm sectional, gorgeous bobbin chairs with tons of monochromatic fabrics, etc... Ahhh that felt so good to say! Stay tuned on this Coastal Interior Design Job!

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