Friday, September 10, 2010

new... new... new

1.) Seascape, Oil Paint 9x12 SOLD

2.) Seascape, Oil 9x12

3.) Cows, Oil 6x8

4.) Floral, Oil 5x7

5.) Trees, Oil 6x8 SOLD

6.) Wheelbarrow, Oil 6x8

7.) Bird House and Succulents, Oil 6x8

8.) White Trestle Coffee Table SOLD

9.) Funky Seafoam Cabinet

10.) 5-Drawer Dresser SOLD

11.) Moroccan-Inspired Seamfoam Cabinet

12.) Tool box

13.) White Ginger jars

14.) Bamboo Bookshelf

15.) Woven Box

::close up::

16.) Mirror, decorative top

::close up::

17.) Oval Mirror SOLD

18.) Mirror, Georgian decorative top - SOLD

19.) Fun toolbox, great for storage! SOLD

20.) Kids Rocker

21.) Tray

22.) Funky writing desk - SOLD

23.) Long, oval mirror - SOLD

24.) Seashell Mirror

25.) Beveled edge Mirror - SOLD

::close up::

26.) Side Tables {We Have 2!} SOLD

If you have any questions on
measurements or pricing, please call
the rustic rooster,


  1. Great pieces!
    I stopped by your store on Labor day but you were closed. I'm glad I finally know where you're at:) Wow, what a great location!! Sorry I missed you guys last night.
    Have a good weekend. xo

  2. are those the oil paintings you were telling us about last night?! i love them! so great to meet you:)

  3. Kendall,

    Now you know where the hottest spot in all of San Diego is... The rustic rooster! LOL We missed you! We still have many more nights! :)


    Yes, these are the new oil paintings. LOVE THEM!!!!! They are even better looking in person. It was great meeting you too!!!!


  4. I need to come by your store again and check out all your stuff. You were right; those paintings are great!

    It was great hanging out with you last night and I can't wait until we call all do it again soon! Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Michelle,

    Please do! We are getting new stuff all the time! I would love to see you at the rooster!!!!

    It was fun meeting you last night! Can't wait to see you again!


  6. Forgot to tell you last night that I stopped by the other week with my mom but it was a Monday–didn't know you were closed:( Was so great to see you last night! I ran out of time to contact you today about the chairs, but will call tomorrow!:)

  7. Oh my heavens. I am in so much trouble. I have been stalking your beautiful blog, and wishing I could buy some of your items. For some odd reason I thought you were back east...seriously, and shipping would cost a fortune. I'm in San Diego!!!

    I will be stopping by for a visit soon and will identify myself as the confused stalker.


  8. Jilly... STOP by we would love to get you into trouble! lol Just Kidding... But we would love to meet you! :)



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