Sunday, September 19, 2010

gulp, gulp, gulp... ahhh

My newest drink LOVE... I was introduced to this energy drink by my husband. It all started on a rainy night. I was telling Sean that I was going to Henry's to get a B-12 shot because I feel warn down & tired from so much work & the kids. He asked how much was that? $30.00... But, it's once a month. He snickered & handed me this drink, FRS Healthy Energy Drink. Oh my I asked, what's this? He then proceeded to say, you don't need to go & get the shot {waste 30.00}... Get this drink & you will love it! Well, I'm hooked. I "think/feel" like I have so much energy & my day then Rocks! I drink it in the AM & after lunch. Only 25 calories & zero fat. I can handle that! The best place to get these is Smart & Final. They have a 4 pack for $6.99... Which is approx. 1.75 per bottle. If you buy them individually they're almost 3.00. So the deal really is at Smart & Final. Good luck... Try one & you'll get hooked, but feel great! I need to go & get one right now to start my day {by the way I only have 1/2 a cup of coffee now because I can't wait to get a FRS}!


  1. I hope you can too! I love it... I'm crossing my fingers!


  2. I'm going to grab some and give it a try. Thanks for the head's up!


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