Tuesday, September 21, 2010

don't listen to her

Growing up in Saltwater Sandals as a young child was like wearing a seat belt for me as an adult {get my point}... I lived in them! So of course I put my daughter in them... Guess what... My daughter, my sweet angel, my love, my precious little gem... Decided to break the tradition & refuse to wear them. Why, Taylor why? They're so darn cute! Little ones... Please don't listen to Taylor if she tells you they're not fashionable, cute, cool or perfect to complete an outfit. Do Not Listen to her! Wear them with your head up high... You will look beautiful & adorable!

Aren't they so cute! I know I'm a little too old to be wearing them... But, a big girl can dream!


  1. ah, they're so cute! and i bet they come in all different colors?

  2. Alicia,
    They come in TONS of different colors. Saltwater Sandals can complete an outfit! :)


  3. They make these in grown up sizes and I have the same exact pair pictured above. You're never too old for Salt Waters! Imagine boyfriend jeans, a navy and white striped nautical shirt, and red Salt Waters. I think they're right up your alley :-)

    BTW- had some creepy stuff happen with the blog so I took it down, at least temporarily. Trying to figure out a way to make it more secure.

  4. We live in these all summer long...LOVE em'...now my 4 year old is starting to reject them too...NO!!!!

  5. They are my absolute favorite and my little one wore the red ones all summer long...def my fav color and I plan on buying them every summer. I have a friend (in her 30s) who wears them along with her toddler and she looks really cute in them. I like the suggestion of wearing them w/ jeans.


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