Thursday, September 23, 2010

before & after... fireplace

Remember this fireplace project I was working on... Sorry for the delay in posting! The homeowner just e-mailed me photos of it. It looks great! We re-painted the room a soft sea foam & all the trims/beams in the house high gloss white. Love it! When I go back I will take more shots to show all of you...




  1. pretty! i like that horse photo, too, and that rug. you should post my mantel ;)~

  2. Alicia,
    Yes... I will! :) Hey can you e-mail me a before shot of your fireplace. That's the one thing I do not have. Thanks!!!


  3. I have a similar fireplace that needs a facelift like this...we're all so over that shiny tile now!

  4. What a great transformation! How difficult was it to remove the old marble? We have the same thing going on in our lr and I HATE it, but too scared to sledgehammer the thing since I want to save everything else about it.


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