Friday, February 19, 2010

words can't really describe...

how I feel right now! I can tell you what happened though...
I saw this little 900 sq. ft. Santa Monica Cottage on MSN yesterday on my computer in the office & literally almost fell over, hit my keyboard, wet my pants, went into a fit of rage, drooled all over myself, stopped breathing & passed out. WOW
Sometimes that's very normal for me... Working in the interior design field... I see a lot of things that I want {would like}. I think I should have a defibrillator next to me or in my car. Just in case I fall over someone can grab it & bring me back to life.

I'm 100% not lying when I say that I really adore & want this cottage or one like it. I can't stand over built, huge mega mansions... That have NO charm what so ever. Take over your entire lot & you have a little patch of grass & then when you pull up to the house it's basically in your face on the street. Nope that's not me at all. I'm all about the classic cottage.

Sean & I were talking {dreaming in bed} last night about this cottage... We would like to build or find something basically like this & just add a little more square footage {better quality of life} to it. We also were saying that this cottage was probably 1.5 million dollars in Santa Monica... PB has cute little cottages, but I'm a north county girl. If any of you see a cottage like this please call me, 760.436.2171.

Ahhh My day is so sunny & bright {even though it's going to rain here in SD} after looking at these pictures again... I love my job! Back to designing!


  1. we might have to fight over this little cottage. hehe. it would be PERFECT for the scully clan for sure. i'm always looking at north county real estate, so i'll keep a look out for you!

  2. LOVE this place. Hub and I are looking to buy in the next few months. What do you love about north country coastal? We are down near PB and are debating if we want to stay or head north... :)

  3. I sooo get this little place. Simple is the word right now!

    xx kelley

  4. Grace... The fight is on! LOL Please call me when you so see my cottage.:)

    Megan... I do have to say that PB has my dream cottages. I would love to take one & drive it up to north county. Or take TONS of pictures & copy one up here! Do that!!!!!!! North county is the BEST! :)

    Kelley... Having 2 kids under the age of 4, I LOVE SIMPLE! But, I would like to have a huge back yard to let them roam....



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