Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's for lunch?

I think I would like to go to my favorite lunch place today...

I know exactly what I'm going to get... Old fashion Turkey meatloaf. Ahhh it just melts in your mouth {like my mother & grandmother used to make}. So yummy! Then I might get something very dangerous from the bakery. I said, might! I know I have a soft spot for sweets, but need to cool it if I want to drop the pounds. OK, I'll just sniff the cabinet & sit really close to someone with a hot treat. Would that not be hysterical... Bravo documentary in the making. Crazy people who sniff food {& annoy others} so they don't get fat & eat it. Ohhhh what's wrong with me!
Hope to see you all there! If you've never been it's a must! The funny thing is Thyme on the Ranch is closed the same exact days the rooster is... We were meant to be friends/partners {great minds think a like}. LOL
16905 Avenida de Acacias
Rancho Santa Fe , California 92067
858 - 759 - 0747
Tuesday - Saturday 7 : 00am - 3: 00pm
Sunday & Monday Closed
:: * 100% rooster approved * ::


  1. this is my FAVORITE place to eat! We should go sometime!!!

  2. Alicia...
    We NEED to sit & talk about the book so it's a date! Friday... Lunch in the Ranch? I love saying that {i'm sureyou can imagine me saying it}. I will call you! Ahhhh another old fashion turkey meatloaf sandwich. Lucky me!!!!

    I would LOVE to go with you! We have so much to do together! Run, Shop, Eat & have the kids play together! Yaaaaaa Stop by the rooster & let's plan something!


  3. Mrs. Rustic Rooster,

    Just found your blog and love it! Can't wait to come back and visit again. Wish I was having lunch here as well! It's a homemade smoothie and string cheese it looks like for me today.


  4. I forgot about this place! So glad you reminded me...


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