Sunday, February 7, 2010

tell all

Back to my Oprah moment: I did it... Got the skinny jeans yesterday & went out on the town with the hubby that night. He's actually more truthful & honest with me than anyone I know {besides mom}... So I asked the question:

Alexandra: What do you think {of the jeans & boots}?
Sean: Wow... You look really good! I like them a lot!
Alexandra: {blush/giggle}
Sean: Let's go, I'm hungry & want to go to dinner now...

I guess you just have to do it {try it}, keep your head up high & smile! Feels good to try something new... Now I have to train for a 1/2 marathon! I can do it! I'll let you know which one I pick to do...

:: don't you like how I took the picture... cut 1/2 my leg off in the mirror {makes me look a little thinner... ha ha ha} ::


  1. Looking good!! I am still debating skinny jeans...soon it will be summer and I won't have to make a decision!

  2. you look great!!!! you can also wear those boots with reg. jeans rolled up mid-way.....good for you, A! xoxoA

  3. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... When will it stop! Ha Ha! I pulled the trigger & did it! I know summer will be here & I will be the only one still in Skinny Jeans... Everyone will ask, “What’s wrong with her! She's sweating its so hot out!" Story of my life... LOL


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