Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today at the rooster . . .

A sea of drawers . . . So much to do, such little time! These guys are waiting patiently to get knobs & a fresh coat of paint.

Geraldo is a newest member on the rooster team. Great guy & extremely hard working. Love that! Plus, if John likes you (you get inspected Philly style . . . Hard core), we like you . . . Thanks for joining the rooster!

I told you John was a Dr. . . . Look at his surgical mask. Dr. John getting ready for his next patient. Ha ha ha

Both of them working together . . . In perfect harmony. They have such a system down. Every time I walk to the back now I get the stare down . . . (look lady back off & turn around!). Hello, I'm one of the bosses (mom is the HEAD boss . . . Don't mess with her!). Just kidding we all work together really well!

Here are some pieces that just arrived . . .

1.) Thin bookshelf - you can pick it's color.

2.) New chair ready for school . . . You can pick it's color.

3.) Night stand . . . Pick a color for it! SOLD

5.) Highboy dresser . . . Ready to get painted.

6.) Long low dresser/buffet . . . Just came in. Remember we are changing the knobs. Can't you picture it . . . SOLD
8.) Sea Foam green drop leaf table

9.) Sea Foam dresser - SOLD
10.) Vintage green/sage green side table (I'm eyeing this one! I think I have a table fetish. I have so many tables and shoes. Whats wrong with me! Everything)


11.) Vintage red stool

12.) Funky reddish/pinkish box

13.) Nautical blue bench - SOLD

14.) multiple cubbie caddie . . . Perfect for the crafter/organized one!

Closer look at the cubbies . . . Can't you imagine what you could put inside! Ahhhhh endless things, crayons, erasers, paper clips . . . etc.

15.) Red magazine holder - SOLD

If you have any question on
measurement's & pricing please
give rustic rooster a call,


  1. do y'all have a garage behind the rooster too> that is so awesome alex!!!!

  2. That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Dressers and Nightstands.

  3. that's our red magazine holder! so happy I scooped it up! It's perfect in Colin's room!


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