Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer days with the Scully Clan!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts my Blogger Friends. I've been playing with the kids in this gorgeous weather . . . So here's what's been going on in my life right now . . .

Last Saturday Taylor & I were going through her shoes & of course Mr. Ryan had to get involved with us. He never misses out . . . So we decided to try some shoes on him. They all really didn't fit. We put them on him, but he kept tripping. Then we found the slippers. They were perfect! Sean was out at Home Depot picking up some wood so we (I did) figured we surprise daddy. Oh, was he surprised! The moment Sean walked in the door this was the first thing he said . . . Nice Ryan, really Nice & then laughed. I was laughing so hard. You would think he would walk in the door and say Oh, Honey you look so beautiful, the house is so clean . . . But no he's like a magnet to stuff like that. I love teasing Sean . . . Ryan loved it too. He didn't take them off for a very long time . . . They look pretty comfy! You go Ryan!

Helping daddy in the backyard . . . I think he had more energy because of his slippers!

Then we were off to Grandma & Papas house for a little jumping time. My parents are obsessed, in love & will do anything (truly mean it!) for Taylor & Ryan . . . it's pretty funny. What ever they want they get (OK within reason) . . . So Taylor wanted a Trampoline. Well, guess what she got, a trampoline for Christmas. Taylor uses it almost daily! No joke! Now I'm trying to get Taylor to say . . . Papa I want a big house to live in & I want it to be in Cardiff. It's actually a huge joke with me & my dad. Haa haa

She giggles, sings & dances on the jumpy . . .

Ryan waiting patiently (rare occasion) to get on . . . Hurry up let me on Taylor.

Double trouble getting ready to Jump!

Now Taylor & Ryan are in swim classes . . . Taylor is in a Semi Private lesson & Ryan is in the mommy & me class at the Noonan Family Swim school . Great school. Taylor's been going to them since she's been 6 months old. I did stop when I had Ryan but, we just started up again. Taylor's SWIMMING now . . . I'm so proud of her. Taylor got her red bracelet today. That means she just advanced a level. That's my little mermaid! Ryan on the other hand . . . WOW can we say wild man. Has no clue about the water & drowning. I'm so glad I'm starting him now. Thank goodness he does loves the water!

Taylor being a good little girl in her lesson . . . Listening so well.

My little Ryan . . . Thanks for the adorable picture Scott & Elizabeth

The goods

Ryan Talking to his buddy Lincoln in class . . . Wonder what they're saying. Too funny!

Another cute picture with my little man Ryan!

Kick Taylor Kick!

She had to look at mom with this face . . . I can't get any pretty smiles. But I do get these . . . It's all about being silly at 3 1/2 years old. I was a little nervous she wasn't going to listen today because I was watching . . . well, I was proved wrong she did & she did great! I think in about 1 to 2 more weeks she will be swimming 100%. Yaaaaaaaaa

I've started taking the kids to the park for dinner . . . They eat & then RUN (then pass out at home)! I let a few friends know & wa la . . . We had a great dinner in the park with all Taylor's pre-school friends. They were chatting away when Susan (thanks!) took these photos! Susan you captured a great moment!

I must leave you with the best picture of all . . .

Ryan wearing Chloe's princess shoes (he wouldn't/couldn't walk away from them the entire time at the park) . . . & they're on the wrong feet. Ryan you are too funny . . . !!!!!

Then my camera battery went dead . . .
More photos to come.

I will be posing tons of new rooster furniture. So many new pieces have come in!

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