Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sneak Peek . . .

I want to show everyone a little peek at the room I just finished. I had so much fun doing this room . . . It's definitely a job that was out of the ordinary for me. I loved the challenged and had a blast! The room theme was very dark, rich and mature. How perfect for a girl that is 16 and ready to grow up . . .

I want everyone to know I have an amazing staff who helps me execute all my ideas and makes sure everyone is staying right on top of the job. Focus, Focus, Focus! Thank you Christina, Nacho, John, Melissa, Chelsea and Jenna! OF COURSE MY mother too (She's #er 1 help)! You are all awesome! The reason I believe I have a successful design firm is because of my team. We are a happy family that all work together and not against each other . . . That's success! Plus we all like the same thing . . . I don't just hire people to hire people.

Right after the room was painted. Love a blank canvas . . . The color turned out amazing!

Nacho working hard . . . ! Getting the ottoman ready to bring in.

This chair! It has been a very talked about chair in the office for weeks now. Everyone loves it and wants it! It turned out so perfect . . . Love the fabric. Va Va voom!

Nacho hanging the chandeliers . . . That's always the delay in an install, but SO worth the wait. They turned out amazing!!!

Such a perfect accent light . . . in any room!

Nacho is my everything man (at work)! He helps my vision take place. If it wasn't for Nacho I would be hating life. I have had so many carpenters, contractors and handymen that have either taken my money and ran or screwed up the job. All very flaky. Why????? Not Nacho, he is worth every penny! He was sent to me by an angel (my grandfather or Rosie, I like to think!).

Ok, back to my job . . .

I'm not a professional photographer so please enjoy what I can share with you . . . The lighting just sets the mood for this room. Mature!

I'm going to be having this room photographed (the correct way, professionally). . . But I'm still working on this house. Another room will be hopefully coming in a about a month. Show you pictures when I'm done with that job.
This family has been such a pleasure to work for. I have had a great time . . .
I Love my job!


  1. so elegant, sophisticated and fun! is there a rug we are not seeing?? BEAUTIFUL! Well, done Team AVS!

  2. You remind me of one the high-end designers on those TV shows, she doesn't always decorate to my taste, but I still love every single thing she does and would love to have any room she designs.
    That's how I feel about this room.
    I didn't know I wanted dark walls, I didn't know I wanted a zebra chair or orange pillows!
    Yes, you'd be a designer I'd trust.

  3. Thank you very much . . . Yes this room was definitely not my normal style. When you see the living room you will see ME ME ME! But, I had so much fun creating this room . . . Made me think outside the box. I love a good challenge!

    Alicia . . . No I didn't put a rug in the room.

    One day it would be fun to have an interior design TV show . . . I would love it! Or a show about the rooster. One day!!!

  4. Beautiful job Alex!!! I totally know what you mean about putting together a room that is not your taste. I did that all the time working on collections for Neimans. They always wanted rich and lavish, when my taste was pretty opposite. I'd spend countless hours in my office and fabric room rummaging through a ton of fabric samples and books trying to coordinate a collection. I love how this post brought me back to those days! Your bed totally reminds me of one I did for NM too! It actually turned out to me one of my favs! I can't wait to see more of your work!!!! I'm a big fan!!!

  5. It may not be your normal style, but it rocks lady! Loving the cool fabrics and the wall color. Great job!

  6. I love it!!! You are very talented. Ummm where can I get that zebra print fabric?


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