Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm pretty picky about a few things (I'm sure you all will hear about them later)
... & getting my nails & toes done is one. I can't stand places that are dirty, everything is broken (taped together), smelly & too fast for my taste. Don't you go to get a pedicure to relax & enjoy being away from everyone & thing... I know I do. I discovered the most amazing nail salon ever in Encinitas. It's called Legends Nails. I can't tell you how happy I am when I walk in. They are sooo nice, clean, & Their GOOD! They take their time on your toes & nails. No... get in, get out, next please. Call Legends in Encinitas... Tell them Alex from rustic rooster sent you. You should make an appointment because they're small & can't take everyone at once. I'm sure they would, but just can't. It's a family run business & I like that! Once you become a customer they remember you and your family. My daughter loves going in too. Plus, theylove paintingher nails wile I'm getting mine done. Too cute! Support local businesses especially family run! They're amazing...

Exterior of Legend Nail - On 2nd Street in Encinitas

The PRE-Toes before my pedicure... Getting ready to get beautiful!

Interior shot 1 - Gotta love the mirrors!
Interior shot 2 - Ahhhhh the Spa chairs!
Can I get one slip covered in my house? That would be funny!

The choices...
I always pick 3 & then analyze right before they have to paint.

The work begins...

WOW... I'm looking good... !

TAAA DAAA I love the END result!!!
My toes look like they're glowing!

At work... I can't stop staring at them... Perfection!

One final look... at the office.
Sorry customers my toes are screaming ... LOOK AT ME!
I'm in love... Thanks Legends!
Legends Nail
960 2nd Street
Encinitas, CA 92024-4446
(760) 944-5166

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  1. Great toes - I want them!!! Susan in Venice via Ukraine & London


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