Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here come the rooster chicks!

Today's the day . . . The girls (Melissa & Jenna . . . TOO CUTE!) at the rooster are going to San Diego State to promote the rustic rooster. Our message to all is STOP shopping at Ikea or expensive furniture stores . . . Start SHOPPING at RUSTIC ROOSTER. Get furniture that's real wood, has fun (bright & wild, your choice) & classic colors, very stylish & extremely in expensive. Who could pass that up. Not me! Especially in these economic times. It's all about saving & getting quality furniture . . .

Oh . . . Can't afford new furniture . . . Take your parents, friends or even your old furniture and have it re-painted by the rustic rooster. We do re-paints all the time. It's very easy and fast for us to do.

Please let all your friends & family know about the rustic rooster. Thanks!!! I will let everyone know how today went with the girls at STATE! If you see them say hi & support!!!

Please call rustic rooster if you have any questions . . . 760.436.2171. Were here to HELP!

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