Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun photo day . . .

Here are some fun photo's that I wanted to share with everyone . . . Enjoy!

Love these Sunflowers . . . I did have to take them outside because they were getting a little stinky in the rooster. It was so funny because we couldn't figure out what smelled and then WA LA Adrianne (our # 1 florist . . . pointed out that the flowers were the problem. Thanks A!

Taylor in her new Hanna Montana sunglasses . . . Daddy took her to Target and this is what she picked out. Gorgeous darling gorgeous!

John trying to do the buying list for Home Depot . . . So serious! I was bugging him . . . He asked me nicely to leave. Sorry John!

1.) white side table . . . about to get sanded and brought into the rooster.

2.) Black round claw foot table with a leaf . . . in the rooster now. - SOLD

3.) Black Cabinet . . . too cute!

3.) Top of black cabinet . . . Faux bamboo

Wicker can be used for a sofa table, night stand, entry table . . . etc. Well, this wicker table just isn't ready to leave the rooster so I asked wicker (tables name)can I give you a makeover? She kindly agreed. So after going back and forth with new color choices . . . We came up with ???????? Just wait wicker and I will show you her new make over on another post.

4.) Buffet, toy cabinet . . . choice is yours. Getting ready to be painted.

5.) Side table getting ready to be painted . . . Pick a color & it's yours!

This table is being, "lightly sanded and distressed" . . . Our famous last words. I need a tape recorder to play that for our customers. John doing what he does best . . . Thanks!!! - SOLD

So Mr. desk was also needing some L.O.V.E.

NEW paint ,NEW attitude . . . Go desk go!

Slate blue . . . OooHhhh Nice color Mr. Desk!

6.) Vintage wood window frames . . . we have 6 of them.

7.) white dresser . . . perfect in ANY room!

Hope you find these pictures well . . . Enjoy!

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