Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Double Rooster Dare you!

So you say, you L...O...V...E... the rooster . . .

Show it! Do it! Come on . . . Get into the spirit! Join the club! Do it! OK, now that I've scared each & every one of you . . . Sorry, I just get a kick out of making myself laugh real hard. Shhhh I think I'm funny but, I'm not. I think they just laugh at me at the rooster to be nice. I'm the one still cracking jokes when the fall has already happened & everyone has left the room. Haa Haa

I do dare you . . . Double ROOSTER dare you!

The rooster needs some l...o...v...e...!

Come on into the rooster & well roosterize your car for you for FREE. Don't you just love that word, FREE! It's music to my ears. Once these stickers run out & we print more they won't be FREE anymore . . . As they say, "RUN DON'T WALK." Got off your butt & step into heaven (the rooster).

Super simple & easy to put on. A few licks & some tape & your good to go. Just kidding . . . Our staff has been trained to the fullest to install. We have credentials to show . . .

I double rooster dare you to put one on your car!

P.S. I would have posted my car with it's rooster sticker on it but, it's filthy . . . Once she's sparkling clean I will show you all how pretty a rooster sticker can make your car look!

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