Wednesday, June 19, 2019

summer line up

I've gone back and forth with wanting to do an online store...  For Years! I get so into it and then bam something else distracts me. Shinny object {haha},  but Lately,  I've been getting tons customers from all over asking if certain things are for sale {clothes, jewelry and rustic rooster products... etc.} and if I can ship to them. Of course I definitely can... But my shipping and packaging isn't the most gorgeous thing you've seen, {hey} I try! I get the job done and they get the product.

But, lately with all my online ordering I'm watching everything that comes to me. e v e r y t h i n g. So after a recent design meeting with a pretty involved, dialed in business woman who is amazing and encouraging  to me showed me a few things or two with this side of the business world. I'm still keeping my day job {interior designer}, but have decided to do the side hustle and sell a few things! I thought I would try these products out on you all first... Through Instagram and the blog world while my websites shopping cart is being designed and product is being added.

Take a peek below at some of the items I have to offer. I only have a limited quantity so I would hurry and order... I'm doing PayPal, Venmo, Square and good old cash/checks if your local.  Please e-mail me {} if you have any questions on anything!    

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