Thursday, November 8, 2018

serious envy

I have s e r i o u s house envy/goals right now! This house just has it! It has everything! I know that sounds weird, but it has all the strengths that a house should truly possess! A strong beautiful presence, simplicity at its finest, tradition to the max and true old school classic character. I find it hard to live here in San Diego sometimes because of its lack of character in homes{ughhh}. Its just different here... Please understand that San Diego is stunning {weather}, but for me it just doesn't have the  wow factor in its architecture. All the houses either look identical which they call cookie cutter homes or they have a breakaway home that was built brand new that's beyond random and really stands out in character... A little too much. I love everyone being different that's what makes us so great, but sometime I just wonder what are people really thinking. I know we all judge, that's in our nature... So I don't feel guilty. You shouldn't either. It's OK to express your opinion in anything in life... I only have one thing to say about that do it with class and grace. Got it {wink}!  Back to the house topic, I can't really explain San Diego architecture {stucco boxes} unless you've been here. I spoke with another fabulous designer who left her area because of the lack of character in homes. I give her 10+ points in my book verse complaining about it.   So with that said... My goal is to help build and design  more houses like this or get out of dodge!!!! With character, style, grace, and tradition! Who's with me? Lets design and build away! 

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