Sunday, May 13, 2018

happy mother's day

A mother is there through thick and thin... A mother will always weather the storm with you... A mother will be your fashion stylist... A mother will shut down a situation when need be... A mother will always be your biggest cheerleader... A mother laughs when your jokes aren't funny... A mother helps each and everyone... A mother stays up late and finishes the job... A mother holds you till you stop crying... A mother listens to everything... A mother teaches you when you need teaching... A mother holds your hand... A mother kisses you when you need a kiss... A mother cherishes every gift given... A mother is your best friend... A mother is your first friend... A mother is your last friend... A mother will never give up on her children... A mother loves you f o r e v e r

I have the most amazing mother who has taught me everything!  She has helped me grow into the woman I am today. She teaches me each and everyday how to raise my children with grace and style. Life isn't always red roses, but watching her keep her head up high and walk through thorns when need be has always captivated me. I will always cherish every day with her... And thank her for all that she has done. You have no idea how amazing she really is!  We have weathered storms like you wouldn't imagine... But I do know we have come out together even better. Strength comes within... Some have it and some do not. Thank you mom for being the best mom ever... I am truly blessed to have you in my life!

I know that I have been so so lucky with the most amazing little family ever. I wouldn't trade my angels for the world... They are my true rocks and I love them so much! I couldn't imagine life not being a mom. I understand that being a mom is a true gift... And I choose to cherish that gift f o r e v e r. I know caring words and positive guidance will help my babies grow in this world. I will never give up on them... Ever! I look forward to many more fabulous adventures with them. Our travels and life really has just begin! I do have to say, I was given the greatest gift ever! I love being mom! Thank you Taylor and Ryan... Mommy loves you! 

Happy Mother's Day 
to all 
the moms out there!


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